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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Still summer

Been riding over in Still woods again this summer and WOW. If you are a mountainbiker and haven't ridden or even seen Still, then you haven't lived. In the archive of the Blog there are a couple of posts with pics generally summing up what it is like in there. But due to the clear weather recently and the routes becoming better it makes for some fantastic riding/watching. Some of the guys in there do some big gaps. Very impressive. Good place to hang out with other riderss and practice some new things (dirt jumps, drops and descents). Pics as soon as I've moved into my new abode properly.


Sorry whoever for the lack of posts on my Blog. You may be pleased to hear that I have long since healed form falling off up on the Mendips. But I have not yet gone back to face my demon. Still trying to get the confidence back. This brings me on to a short topic which I have just come up with. Isn't it nice to have a companion to ride with. Not only can they save your behind when you come a cropper on the trail. By picking you up or phoning for the blood wagon. But they are also the humour and a confidence boost. Also they can spot things which you may be doing wrong when sessioning an area of a route (too fast, too slow, lean back more e.t.c). And you can pat each other on the back when it all comes together. Plus have a witness to the great feat. On that note I think it is time to join an organised club with which I can join other riders and be part of a collective. Because I'm getting a bit bored of going out there by myself and having nobody to talk to and to encourage and have a laugh with. If anybody knows of any good ones or just fancies hooking up for a ride sometime. Please comment below or drop me an e-mail.