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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Misc photo's and video's (flashplayer 8 or above required)

Chris Angell at the jump gully in Swinley, feeling the discomfort of a recent divorce of his bike (read Mr A's post above) at a nearby gap. Look how he enjoys his banana. All the while, completely unknown to him that his arm is broken. Although I'd imagine the pain suggested so. Ne tears, ne bother. Hardcore mate. Hardcore.

Tree hugger apre's tree hug.

Just some pics that have been taken over the past while. Will regulary be updated so look out for more......

Some more or the new and improved.....

The jump gully at swinley with Mr Wood.

Video Sharing at DropShots.com
Angell and random and Bottle at the bottom of picnic table run in Leigh woods.

Video Sharing at DropShots.com

Angell at Ashton Court

Video Sharing at DropShots.com

Still more.............

Some more photo's of the berms and tranquility of Still Woods.

Mountain Bike holiday Morzine & Les Gets

Angell and myself are going to take a riding holiday next year around juneish. Prices are around £330 w/o bike and £360 with bike. This includes return flight, airport transport to resort, chalet for 7 nights and lift pass. Let me know if you are interested peeps (Ben, Chris P, Bottle, Sam and Ben, Bones, Sandford and others) hlcdavis@hotmail.com.

Still ridin'

Run down from drops. A rider demonstrating that it can get blurey as he lands.

Down at the bottom rhythm section with riders
and a plush Demo 8.

Popped over to Still Woods again today with Mr Bottle, pictured with his new forks and hope front brake. Awesome weather and riding conditions and the terrain was delicious. Larger jumps with distance and the seesaw were on my menu. Unfortunetly no pics of that. Still Woods are a sweet local DH/jump playground with Mars like mud. Wreckomended.

Mr Angell

What can I say. Just look at yourself!


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