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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back again

Well I'm back.
Lets first fill in the two and a half year gap and what's been happening shall we? No cocking around. And of course apologise for the pause. Sorry.Ok. Well the last post I did was of my nomad finally being built up. It was a lovely bike and I had many a fantastic time on it. Low down on that to come.
But after a while I fancied something a little lighter with 5" of bounce instead. Something more "UK friendly" as people say. I found it in the shape and form of a La Pierre zesty 314. The base model of their long travel range. 14 standing for 140mm of travel. They also do a 16 range. No prizes for guessing how much travel they have. The new ride is nimble and light and can go pretty much anywhere and do anything I demand it to. Truely awesome bike.
Of course I have treated it to some upgrades. This is it pictured below. My silver bullet. More pics to come.
Over the last few years I have been on many travels to many trails, some in the south and some in Wales. This was to be the year that I traveled further to explore Britain and find some sweet treasures. But life kinda got in the way and turned my world upside down and shook it until many things fell out and off. If I can be bothered I may try to use my memory to have
a few flashbacks now and then and dig up some pics of some rides that were done. Which may gain some interest and inspire others to ride there. I also will be testing some stuff out for you free of charge. Clothes and componentry and the like. Things like Hope hoops, howies long way home shorts, endura Strike waterproof gloves. Five Ten impacts.Monster energy drink to name a few. May even chuck in a few maintance tips to. Heck. Should you have any problems with your bike feel free to ask my advice in the comments box and I will do my upmost to help you out with your woe's.
Off to Dartmoor this week with some chums and some killer trail info from Ade at howies. Who looked half asleep when he was drawing sketches for me, as he and his staff have just opened up the howies store on Queen's road in Bristol. After a lot of hard work and late nights. Go check out their new shop and check back here soon......

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