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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pleased to say.........

...........that I have my forks back. Mojo were quick and kind for doing them. Thanks all at Mojo. More than I can say for their courier CityLink. Could have had my forks for a ride last weekend if they hadn't cocked up the delivery. Delivered a wrong parcel to my workplace late on friday afternoon. Came back to collect it on monday. Forks hadn't arrived on monday. Rang Mojo on tuesday. Very helpful to find out what happened. "Forks are in Cardif will be delivered tomorrow (wednesday)". I ring CityLink in cardif. "WHERE ARE MY FORKS!" at a depot in Bristol. Pop out from work to go litrally round the corner to the depot to find my forks. They can't find them, "what does your parcel look like sir", eventually they find them and I'm reunited. What a pollava.
Been out for a few rides on the Downs, which is Bristol's Hyde park. Which has many bumps and jumps. And also a ride early this morning locally round parts of Ashton court (Ashton Court festival permiting) , 50 acre woods and Leigh woods with me old mucka Angell and his mate Andy Marshall. We had a pleasent jaunt with lots of flowing sections, off-camber slopes, rock gardens, technical tight and twisty trails and dusty routes.
Angell is now the proud father of some lovely Fox vanilla R130's. After banging on about getting some new shox for ages he finally got some. And a good choice too.
Anyone for some of the best awesome dry riding conditions in the U.k. ever...........................