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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

There and back again. A hubbits tale.

A trusty build.

Aireal switch 2 20mm front hub on Mavic 729 disc rim

The Aireal Australia hub is an interesting one. It is produced in a small machine shop in the depths of Australia by some dude called Mick. I first heard word of their quality on the MBUK website pages and after doing some research I decided that I wanted one to grace my nex Fox forks. The hub is machined from 7075 T651 which is used to make gun parts and some car bodies don't you know. For starters the bearing quality is fantastic. The hub runs smoothly and quietly for ages. It comes as a 20mm hub with a Q/R convertor which can be changed from one to the other in seconds. Quality wise they are sexy as. They way the flange slopes into the hub body is smooth, finished off with smart cnc engraving for the logo.

Weight isn't too bad either at an estimated 346 grams (with Q/R convertor I believe) and the anodising finish is spot on (available in Black, Blue, Gold, Orange and Silver). Been running this hub for a month or so now with no problems apart from the fact that I want one for the rear cos their so good. They have lots of nice components and widgets at
http://www.airealindustries.com. Cheers to Mick, a fine CNC craftsman . And all the peeps down under at Aireal.

It together or intertwined with the Mavic 729 disc rim is a superb combo.
As the rim is DH/FR specific you can throw it at anything and it will stay true and round. Given a qualified and skilled wheelbuilder built it well. It comes in glossy black or grey (CD) with the option of 32/36 holes as does the hub. For more info look at http://www.topshelfcomponents.com which is where I ordered mine from. The guys there are very friendly and helpful. Or http://www.mavic.com. The pictures of the hubs are from Topshelf.

Good work.


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