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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Alright sunshine (sorry no photo's or vids)

Took a couple of days off this week and experienced some freakish amazing weather. And considering that it rain heavily the weekend previously and all the trails were soaked. I couldn't believe how dry they were.
Thursday I popped over to Cwmcarn in Wales. The only water/mud I saw all the way round the forest drive/trail was at the end there was a puddle in the carpark. A fantastic ride. It looks as though they are doing some trail alterations around where the top swicthbacks are. It is a really nice course. A bit of a climb to start with but there are some nice sections to be ridden. Later in the day I decided to go to Still Woods back here in Bristol. Expecting it to be damp. Wrong. Dry as a bone. God I love Still Woods. Sue Mahoney (Bristol's very own female DH rider) was up there doing a photoshoot with some Uni guys, it was nice chatting to them and all of the others I met. Everybody I come across in there is happy to chat with you. The trail was epic. Dry and fast. Bought on of these a while ago and It's amazing how much faster you go with one on.
As you may notice I have adapted the helmet cam bracket to it. Unfortunetly the vids that were shot over the last 3 days didn't come out too well because of faulty battery's and the camera angle. This has been fix now, so as soon as the weather is nice again and I have some free time there should be some nice vids posted on here.
Friday I awoke to find the sun was out again. Upon racking my brain for riding suggestions I decided to go to the mendips around Roberrow Warren. Again the conditions were awesome. Climbed right to the top of the hill and did a fireroad downhill that I like. Just because it is fast. Upon climbing back to the top to do another section I noticed a trail crossing the fireroad. A DH trail. I eagerly climbed all of the way up it. It went on for ages and there were some interesting drops and jumps and a narrow top section lined with baby conifers. I composed myself and went down it. I found myself having to pull on the anchors twice for these two big steps. But other than that it was a well built technical track. (pics soon)
Saturday again sunny so of I went again to the mendips to try to get some helmet cam footage of the DH route. I repeated the fireroad DH that I did on friday only this time I scared some horse at the bottom. Whoops. After many apologies I headed upwards to the trail. Near the top I bumped into some guys who were sessioning the top section and a jump. So I decided to hang with them for a while and ride a couple of sections of the course with them. They were wicked. They'd been riding the course for a while now and it seemed that they new it really well as they were droppin off the steps and styling the jumps no end. They showed me another trail which I also missed all of this time. And that to was sweet. Again there were a couple of steps and drops which I pussed out on due to my experience level. But I cant wait to do them and build up to them cos they look like alot of fun huck over and off.
Cant believe there are some many good trails around the local area. Cheers to the guys I met on saturday. Thanks for showing me the trails and tagging along with you.
Sunday I woke up and it rained. Oh well.


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Saturday, 12 August, 2006


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