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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Day I went back after doing a quick few runs at a greasy Still Woods, where a guy called Rusty on a Kona Stab Supreme was going large and kicking the crap out of the trail, snapped his Fox 40's (forks), Suprised me cos' I didn't think that they could be broken. Quite a feat. Hope he gets them replace before the race next weekend.

From the picnic table and using the berm drop I did my quickest run yet I believe.
Here I have video evidence.

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And some photo's of the drop. I know it isn't much of a drop but to come out of a berm and launch off of a drop, fly a couple of feet straight into a 45 degree slope of loose leaves and dirt and twigs kicking the back into a slide, slamming into the trail below and trying not to loose any speed is just alot of fun to me.


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