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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Recieved the helmet cam in the post yesterday, along with the portable DVD player that I ordered off ebay. The reason for the DVD player was simple. It has an A/V in with a 7" LCD monitor and a rechargable battery. And it was cheap, complete with car stuff and films and more. Anyway, the idea was to record some footage on the camera and use the DVD player's A/V in to watch playback, instead of having to wait 'till I got to a T.V. Blah, blah, blah.
The reason. Well, say I did a short run that I wanted to film really well and I got home and it was rubbish. That's just a waste. "And waste my friends is a thief". So now I can check it just after to make sure it's ok. Simple.
And so is the camera to use. As long as you have enough light. 9am-5-6pm in England (weather permiting). You just pop in your 1GB memory card (no camcorder or digital hardrive, or battery pack to worry about), turn it on, press record and away you go. It can capture just over 1 hour on high resolution (15fps). And if you lessen the res. you can capture over 3 hours with 25fps. All the leads were included with the camera and DVD. It was just a matter of finding a tripple lesbien (as the sales blokey called it) adaptor. To connect my two male video composite (yellow) leads together along with the audio (red/white) ones. Maybe you can spot this in the pic below. I gave the camera a test whilst driving at work today and when home, I connected the leads together and plugged it all in and HURRAH!. It works. WOW. It work bloody well. A quick test with it on my helmet on my bike up and down the street confirmed this. Fantastic. The camera is from Oregon Scientific, check their website or link on "Head Films". The DVD player is made by Prism and I found it cheaply on ebay. Delivery on both items was super quick and I can recommend both of them as a system to capture and playback footage of whatever crazy stuff you want to film. Five stars. :) Note: The picutre quality of the LCD screenshots below look crap because it's hard to take a good picture of an image on a screen. In the flesh their amazing.

Here's some footage from LeighWoods. Slightly poor quality was due to it being a gloomy day.

Video Sharing at DropShots.com


Anonymous Todd said...

yo, hayden
so, that helm-cam of yours... are you liking the resolution of the playback when you're at speed?

Saturday, 09 June, 2007


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